Antibodies Produce Ozone
That our body has an ingenious immune system to protect us from pathogens, most of us know that. But what really is an unknown phenomenon of our immune system, that ozone can be part of this defense mechanism! In fact, there are indications that our immune system itself can make ozone to kill pathogens!
Our immune system recognizes foreign substances and sends signals to our immune system to make those pathogens harmless.
As early as 2002, President Richard A. Lerner demonstrated with his colleagues at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida that antibodies also have the ability to kill bacteria. This means that instead of recognizing only foreign antigens and then sending other parts of the immune system to the site of infection, the antibodies can improve this immune response by killing some of the bacteria themselves.
The most surprising result that Lerner and his colleagues found was that antibodies seem to make ozone. They discovered this by means of the chemical signature. They have not yet conclusively demonstrated that what they found is ozone, but they are very convinced that it is actually ozone that is produced by the antibodies because no other known molecule has the same chemical signature.

Ozone: an unknown and unconventional phenomenon with a vastly wide range of applications.
This research is based on 2002 and has been published in "Science Express"

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