SkinO3 Ozonzalve Xtra Forte - Airless Dispenser 100 ml

SkinO3® Ozon Salve Xtra Forte - Airless Dispenser 100ml

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A salve of ozonated organic extra virgin olive oil. SkinO3® Ozone Salve Xtra Forte is a very oily salve, which is completely absorbed through the skin. Contains many ozonides. Supports the normal structure of the skin, restoring natural function of the skin, moisturizes, improves blood circulation. Therefore it is suitable for general skin care and it is also used for cold sore, pimples, dry and flaky skin, skin cracks and other persistant skin problems.

Contains more ozone compared to the SkinO3® Ozon Salve Forte. This salve contains no added biological oils blends as the SkinO3® Forte does.

The ozone-resistant airless dispenser is a vial that is not pressurized (no aerosol), but works with a vacuum technique. By pressing the pump a small dice in the dispenser is going up and presses the ozone salve through the spray mouth. Benefits of this dispenser are that the ozone salve does not comes into contact with oxygen because there is a self-closing flap in the spray mouth. It is hygienic, very economical in use and easy to dose.

Before the first use, press the pump a few times to remove the air from the syringe mouth and pump the salve in the spray mouth.

Ozonized Olive Oil. No perfumes or colourants, no vaseline (pertrolatum) or parabens.

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