Ozone - this is how it  works
Ozone is a very unstable gas which consists of 3 oxygen atoms – O3. The third oxygen atom binds with other atoms and after that it reverts back to 2 O-atoms: oxygen.

Tesla coil ozone productionWhen the sun is shining, ozone (O3) is constantly produced in the upper layers of our stratosphere. Because ozone is heavier than air, it falls down towards the Earth and it reacts with all kinds of contaminants and cleans them. This is a wonderful self cleaning system of nature.

Ozone is created in nature by lightning and can be smelled after a storm. At waterfalls and near the surf burst in the ocean ozone comes naturally free.

Ozone - doube activity

When ozone comes into contact with the cell of a harmful bacteria or fungus, it will damage the cell and as a result it dies. After the ozone has done it's job it reverts back to oxygen and that's exactly what harmful (anaerobic) bacteria don't like. Anaerobic bacteria thrive well in a low-oxygen environment. They thrive in wounds that heal poorly.

So on one hand ozone is a strong oxidizer and kills harmful bacteria and fungi. On the other hand, it saturates the skin and underlying tissues with an oxygen boost. This improves the cell metabolism (microcirculation) which activates rapid cell renewal and quick healing of wounds (natural healing capacity of the skin). This results in additional metabolic pathways which has a protective, restorative and rejuvenating influence on the skin tissue.

Ozone is very volatile and dissipates very quickly therefore it is hard to find applications to use it on our skin. In the 19th century however, it was discovered that olive oil was able to bind ozone by forming ozonides. This same principle is what we are using during the production of SkinO3® ozone salve and ozone oil.

After applying SkinO3 on the skin you can feel a little sensation on the skin. Your skin can turn slightly red and maybe feels a bit warmer. That is the ozone in the salve which directly starts to work. This sensation is not harmful and temporary. Also you can smell the typical ozone odour.

  Viametis     08-03-2017 17:28     Comments ( 1 )
Comments (1)
 Wilma -  17-11-2017

We blijven ons verbazen waarvoor je SkinO3 kunt gebruiken. We grbruiken het echt overal voor. Zelfs een druppeltje ozonolie in je oor werkt bij oorpijn. Hadden we echt eerder moeten weten :-)