Ozone oil for oral cavity care

Healthy mouth with oil pulling .

To rinse the oral cavity with (organic) oil is an ancient ayurvedic remedy that originates from ancient India. It not only has very beneficial effects on your overall health, but it also has many advantages for the overall oral hygiene.
The mouth is considered to be the mirror of  your health. Billions of micro organisms live in our oral cavity. Oral hygiene and our overall health are interrelated. Proper oral hygiene is therefore very important and affects our overall well-being.


Advantages of oil pulling:

- Prevents bacterial growth and plaque formation
- Against caries, gum problems and bad breath
- Gums becomes healthy pink and stops bleeding
- Against dry mouth and throat
- Teeth whitener
- Breath is more fresh
- Mouth muscles and jaws will be stronger
- Prevents dental pain
- Prevents loose teeth
- Less aggressive compared to (chlorhxidine) mouthwashing agents
Cold-pressed organic oils such as sunflower oil, sesame oil, olive oil and coconut oil are preferred to use for oil rinsing. All of these oils have their own unique abilities to remove the bacteria, viruses and protozoa from the oral cavity. Oil rinsing generates anti-oxidants with the capability to damage the cell wall of microorganisms which kill them.

Traditionally, sesame oil is documented as a preferred oil for oil pulling. It has been scientifically proven that sesame oil and sunflower oil help to reduce gum inflammations caused by dental plaque.

Coconut oil also has a high saponification index which makes it a soapy substance in the mouth to reduce plaque adhesion and bacterial growth. It also has a cleaning effect. Add the special properties of the ozone oil and you have an unprecedented powerful and natural instrument to really do something unique to your (oral) health.

Method of oil pulling:

Rinsing of the oral cavity with oil is done in the morning with an empty stomach and before breakfast.
Take a full tablespoon of oil and add 10 drops of SkinO3® ozonated olive oil. Rinse it for about 20 minutes in your mouth. For children under 5 years, oil pulling is not advised due to the possibility of swallowing the oil . For children over the age of 5, use a teaspoon of oil with 2 drops of ozone oil.
The oil is rinsed through the entire oral cavity and pushed across all the teeth. At the end of the mouthwash the (initially) thick oil will become milky white and watery.
Spit the oil in the toilet and rinse the mouth thoroughly with clean hot water with a saline solution of sodium salt (sodium bicarbonate) or brush your teeth with the cleansing salt and a toothbrush.
The oil should not be spit into the sink because it may cause clogging of the pipes. Do not swallow the oil while rinsing because it contains many bacteria and toxins.


Based on available scientific research, it can be concluded that oil pulling gives promising and significant positive results. If you do it as recommended then it can be used safely and it is a great addition to brushing and flossing. Add a few drops of ozone oil to make that effect even bigger!


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