The healing of the skin is a very complicated action of different biological processes. Our body seems to do this automatically and adjusts these processes very nicely and tissue growth and skin problems are always being solved naturally.
But wait. There are several reasons why this repairing capacity of the skin can be disturbed. Examples include: dirt, bacteria, poor circulation etc.
The honey and the ozonated oil in the SkinO3 Mellifique skin gel has very powerful and unique properties which helps to restore the disturbed balance of the skin and it’s recovery. This effect of honey and ozonated oil has been shown by scientific research.

Because honey bees visits different plants while collecting of the honey, the honey in Mellifique SkinO3 has a very varied composition. The honey contains large amounts of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals that all play an important role in the natural repairing capacity of the skin.
Scientific research also shows, that honey creates a slightly acidic environment on the skin which prevents harmful bacteria from growing. Also the honey accelerates skin recovery and scarring is greatly reduced (youth pimples, scratches or cuts).
Both the honey as the ozonides in the patented SkinO3 Mellifique skin gel reduces the number of harmful bacteria whereby healthy skin recovery is improved. Collagen production is stimulated and the skin breathes optimally due to the oxygen boost it gets from the ozonides. In this way, the skin can create new metabolic pathways which improves the supply of nutrients and draining of waste substances.

And SkinO3 Mellifique is a patented skin gel and exclusively sold here!
  Viametis     13-03-2017 22:18     Comments ( 1 )
Comments (1)
 Arjan V. -  01-04-2018

Ondanks dat het plakkerig aanvoelt, klopt het zeker dat je bijna geen littekens ziet. Heb dat gehad bij een snijwondje.